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Vision Statement 

Our geography curriculum builds on children’s previous learning and own experiences to investigate places at all scales. It is these studies that inspire our children to ask and explore important questions about their world, as they learn the fundamental skills to help understand the link between human and physical processes. Children in Early Years and Key Stage One learn about their immediate environment and places that are familiar to them, and this widens to Europe in Years 3 and 4 and finally the wider world in Years 5 and 6. This is to secure children’s knowledge and understanding to what is more familiar to them before applying this to areas further afield.

We hope that this approach will enable children to develop into keen geographers whereby knowledge and understanding becomes deeply rooted in their long term memory. Our children understand their place in the world, becoming global citizens and understanding their roles and responsibilities to their immediate and wider environment.

Geography Implementation and Progression 

Geography is taught discretely in 2 blocks across the year. Each block lasts for a half-term and are taught for a full day each week on our 'Curriculum Day' every Friday. Elements of Geography are also taught within our history curriculum too. As part of our enrichment offer we visit the seaside as a whole school in the summer term to contrast and compare to the urban setting children live in. We also visit Hampstead Heath for a full day every half-term to enhance our fieldwork.