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Outdoor learning

We recognise that children learn in different ways and our motto 'I hear, I see, I do and I learn' reflects this.

We provide a positive, creative and multi-sensory environment that allows each child to develop their individual talents, curiosity and ability to think, through both teacher-led lessons and exploratory learning. Children learn actively, they are encouraged to become independent and enjoy their childhood.

Each half-term, the whole school enjoys a 'Heath Day' where we take our learning outdoors.

We make use of our temporary local area with green spaces such as Camley Street Nature Park and walks along the canal. We also make full use of our outdoor learning environment within the school walls, too. It's common to find core subjects being taught outdoors, using the environment to apply what they know and to inspire new learning.

Once back in our permanent home, we plan to work very closely again with the Hampstead Heath Education Centre to deliver this side of our curriculum.


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